# Vue.js Plugin

This plugin gives you a simple & fast way to render rich text content from Storyblok in Vue.js.

# Installation 💿

# 1. Install @vue/composition-api

yarn add @vue/composition-api
# or
npm install @vue/composition-api

# 2. Install @marvr/storyblok-rich-text-vue-renderer

yarn add @marvr/storyblok-rich-text-vue-renderer
# or
npm install @marvr/storyblok-rich-text-vue-renderer

# Configuration 🔧

import Vue from 'vue';
import VueCompositionApi from '@vue/composition-api';
import VueRichTextRenderer from '@marvr/storyblok-rich-text-vue-renderer';

// Register Composition API

// Simple ...

// ... or with options
Vue.use(VueRichTextRenderer, {
  // Options

Availablabe Options

Check out the Config Reference for available options.


The Composition API needs to be registered BEFORE the plugin.